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About Limina

Limina is one of the youngest providers of tech to the financial industry, based in Sweden and Vietnam. We design and develop the technologies in-house and own the entire distribution chain including sales and hosting Captron (our flagship product).

Why we're here

Limina believe a solution provider should be pleasant to work with, not limited to the product. The product should be as intuitive to navigate and use as possible.
The above may sound simple, but in complex financial markets it’s really hard to create a product and organisation that delivers the above.
We don’t know of anyone that has. Which is why we’re here.


Technology is first and foremost about doing more with less. As technologists, it’s easy to forget why we’re doing something – it’s not because it’s cool, it’s because it enables us to do more. With less.
Limina is at heart a technology company. Everyone either creates technology and/or are powerusers of automated tools.

Example: System development

We have created an internal code generator tool, to assist our developers in writing code faster and with higher quality. A code generator is a software that writes software. Basically automating a big part of our development. We really do live as we learn.


Our clients rely on Captron to do their most important work, which means they rely on us to provide a stable platform.


So far, we’ve only built a fraction on what we plan and imagine possible. We plan to expand the current product to cover more use cases for more types of clients. For a longer horizon, we plan to widen our product offering, exploring completely new segments. As we mentioned, we love reengineering so probably (and hopefully) all lines of code currently in production will be dead within five years.

What we do

Here at Limina we are focused on providing a new generation system to the investment management industry. Captron is our Software-as-a-Service platform that offers buy-side firms a powerful multi-asset front-to-mid office solution.
Currently, our flagship product Captron covers;

  • Order management (OMS)
  • Portfolio management (PMS)
  • Compliance management (CMS)
  • Real-time & risk management (RMS)