Managed onboarding

Limina manages the entire on-boarding process as a service to our clients. Our team has been through many implementations of a wide range of systems in the past, so we appreciate that it’s a sensitive process that can be very stressful. This is why we always run and manage the entire on-boarding process whilst taking into account time.

Because Captron is highly configurable, to drive absolute maximum value from it there is a level configuration required. Minimum implementation period therefore 2 months. Often times, steps 2-4 are done in an iterative fashion to reduce operational risk.

1. Scoping

We start with a scoping process where we gather detailed requirements and identify all stakeholders (including external ones).

2. Implementation

We configure the system and if there are integrations that needs to be built, this is when we create them.

3. Testing

We run tests together with our clients, including user acceptance tests.

4. Go-live

When implementation and testing is done, the system goes live. Sometimes a parallel run with a previous system is conducted. If there are multiple funds to go live, we typically run this process one fund at a time for minimal operational risk during the on-boarding process.