Core use cases

Limina’s Captron covers order, portfolio, real-time risk and compliance management. The seven core use cases of Limina Captron, throughout the trade lifecycle, are:

  1. A. Simulate hypothetical trades to see impact on portfolio(s).
    B. Or use model portfolios & automatically rebalance on asset inflows.
  2. Control limits before & after trading, as well as intraday for slippage.
  3. Manage and control live orders, tracking fills and shorts.
  4. Trades & positions are automatically created. Captron lets you monitor real-time risks, P&L and exposures on any (including custom) strategy level.
  5. Automatically report & reconciliate trades to fund admin, prime broker & custodian.
  6. Manage cash, bank accounts, fees, margin accounts and collateral
  7. Automatically manage events in your portfolio, such as payments, maturities and corporate actions.