System considerations for Alternative Assets

A discussion with Matt McConnell, Investment Analyst at Helix

Matt McConnell of Helix discusses system support for alternative investments with Limina’s Kristoffer Fürst. He outlines the different implications having alternatives in your portfolio might have on system support.


What this episode on system support for alternative investments from our Asset Manager Interview Series covers

– Different views on how to group, categorise and track different types of investment ranging from real estate to art and close ended funds such as VC and PE-funds

– The difference between what front and back office want to see

– Is crypto a currency, an asset or both? The way a system decides to model it will have implications

– History and future of portfolio management systems

Key takeaways from our alternative investments podcast with Helix

"From my experience, every asset manager probably views their categories of trades and positions in a different way. Everyone has their own way of seeing the world and how they like to group, categorise and track different types of investments. What seems entirely intuitive and simple to us is apparently foreign to some portfolio management system providers. So I think it’s great if you find something that can allow a lot of flexibility around categorisation because everyone wants to do it differently."

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