Implementation Process & Timeline


Any change project is complex. With Limina, you get a partner with a proven track record of successful implementations.

At Limina, we have free-to-use automation tools to help make implementations ultra-efficient:

  • The system includes best-practice defaults for configuration and workflows out-of-the-box
  • Data setup can be automated via user-friendly upload tools
  • Workflows and integrations are easily configurable, yet flexible enough for even the most bespoke use case

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Case study 1

New launching asset manager goes live within weeks

  • Startup asset manager
  • No. of users: 4
  • Integrations: 2 services providers, 1 market data source, 1 EMS
  • Project timeline: 3 weeks
  • With the help of Limina’s data management-as-a-service and out-of-the-box integrations, the client was able quickly launch their fund quickly, with an institutional-grade platform from day 1

Case study 2

Switch from in-house systems to Limina IMS in 3 months

  • $2bn asset manager
  • No. of users: 10
  • Integrations: 3 services providers, 1 market data source, 1 EMS
  • Project timeline: 3 months
  • A previous implementation effort with a well-established vendor failed to integrate with the client’s custodian. With Limina, a full cash and transaction integration was enabled. The client successfully went live within 3 months from signing

Case study 3

Changing operating model and switch from on-premise F2B to Limina IMS

  • $6bn asset manager
  • No. of users: 40+
  • Integrations: 3 services providers, 1 market data source, 1 EMS
  • Project timeline: 8 months
  • A complex project involving a major change both in the operating model (outsourcing middle office) and the technology platform (moving to the cloud) was successfully accomplished in 8 months

A Typical Implementation

While each implementation is unique, most projects can be completed in 3-12 months depending on complexity, such as asset class breadth, number of custodians, compliance rules, etc.

The steps of an implementation and responsible parties are illustrated below.

implementation process lowres


Limina's role in the implementation

Limina is always responsible for, at a minimum:

  • Environment setup
  • Managed integrations
  • Training
We recommend a 3rd party consultancy for project management, although this isn’t mandated.

Data Management as a Service

Limina offers managed services on an ongoing basis, in which case setup is streamlined further.

Examples of Setup

We’re often asked what an implementation entails. Here are a couple of examples:

Initial Static Data Setup
Set up Legal Entities
Set up Custodians / PBs
Set up Brokers
Set up Portfolios and Strategies
Set up of Share Classes
Set up of Cash Accounts
Import Universe of Instruments
Import Existing Holdings and Cash Balances
Set up Users & Permissions
Initial Data Quality Control Checks
Logic and Rules Setup
Mapping of Cash Accounts
Set up Broker Connections and Certification
Build & Schedule Custodian/Admin trade file
Set up Scheduled Price Snaps
Set up Reconciliations, e.g. positions & cash
Set up Fee Rules, WHT & Market Rules
Set up & Analyse Compliance Rules
Configure Compliance Checks (pre & post trade)
Set up Compliance Strictness & Breach Approvals
Add/Maintain Data Quality Control Checks

Discuss Implementation With Us

If You Need Customisation

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4 out of 5 Asset Managers want to grow without expanding their team.


To enable this, best practices and built-in automation should be leveraged as much as possible - which is the case with Limina.

We always designs the system and its workflows so you can avoid custom code as much as possible

Investment Management Solutions Designed to Fit Your Operating Model

Cost of Implementation

The cost of implementing Limina: as low as 1/5 compared to competitive solutions. The cost is lower because:

No custom code needed
Our approach to user-configurable integrations
Best-practice default settings are available
Efficient data-loading tools
Unlimited training is included free of charge

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