How Limina Helps Asset Managers
Increase Operational Efficiency

Optimising investment operations is crucial for expanding your business, particularly when launching new funds or mandates. It is pivotal in enhancing overall profitability, as streamlined operations allow for a more efficient management team.

Utilising appropriate software can empower your operations team to achieve greater efficiency.

4 out of 5 Asset Managers
98 percent

98% of Asset Managers have unnecessary manual processes, caused by: 


Inefficient Workflows

Data quality

Missing Data Quality Checks

Issue detection

Manual Issue Detection

Limina helps clients save up to 4 hours per day and person

Exception-based workflows

Exception-based workflows means that the system is responsible for identifying potential issues.

Tasks that are of type “control that …” can be performed by the system, instead of your operations team, allowing them to focus on resolving issues instead.

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Automatic data quality controls

Missing instrument setup

Unprocessed orders

Cash import delays

Compliance anomalies

Large price movements

The system flags any exceptions for your team to evaluate. Meaning this:
Frees up significant time for your team
Allows you to run checks continuously, so your team can catch issues earlier
Limina will not only check data for you but also run processes automatically, such as:
Instrument Setup & Maintenance
Corporate Actions Import
Too many late nights at the office? We help Investment Managers save up to 4 hours / day / person. Chances are we can help you too - let's find out.

A better approach to integrations

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Integrations is a core challenge in the industry, with issues like:

  • Integrations are usually expensive and unstable (breaking on upgrades)
  • When you want to change an integration, you have to wait for the vendor

We have created a proprietary import/export application that business users can leverage to create and change integrations in minutes.

The application comes at no additional charge, which turns traditional integration costs on its head. View a video of Limina’s Import and Export application.

Beyond cost, the integrations are auto-tested before each release, making them more stable than anything you've experienced before!

By adopting Limina's scalable platform, Avanza has launched 33% additional funds without having to scale its investment operations team.


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