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Dedicated team members from the industry learn Your business and can assist you most effectively

A True Partnership

At Limina, we are committed to delivering excellent service, which is why we take a partnership approach with our clients:

1. We learn your business
To best service you, our team of industry veterans:
Learn your business & follow you as you evolve
Make suggestions on how to get maximum value out of Limina at all times
2. Feedback Into Features
Every vendor listens to your feedback. We don’t just listen, we act:
We turn your input into features in the product quickly
We complete 10 new features and improvements each week
We invite clients to comment on new product designs
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“We need flexibility, speediness, and someone acting as a real partner.”

Francisco Almada, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Alquity 


A Dedicated Client Responsible is Superior

Listen to our Chief Customer Officer, Andreas Holtz, explain the difference between a helpdesk model and a dedicated client responsible below.

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An example Support Inquiry

Scenario: unexpected pre-trade compliance breach relating to issuer exposure

Potential causes depend on your data setup and workflows - e.g. incorrect instrument setup, missing/incorrect prices, missing DFDs on yesterday’s partially filled orders, or how the compliance rule is configured.

Here is how the different types of support agents will be able to assist you:

Helpdesk agent: Dedicated client responsible (the Limina model):
  • Needs to ask you a lot of questions around your data setup and workflows before troubleshooting can be started
  • Needs your help to coordinate with other stakeholders in your team
  • Will often refer to generic tutorials and standard replies that may or may not be helpful  
  • Knows your setup and can quickly start investigating potential causes
  • Can coordinate directly with your colleagues if needed
  • Can give specific advice that takes your overall setup and workflows into account 



A prerequisite to an outstanding service is that the system is always accessible. We’re transparent on how well we deliver this so that you can see below the historical and live status of the system.

We Don’t Offer You (Just) Software - We offer you a service.

Limina’s Investment Management System is always delivered as a service (SaaS), so we commit to a bug-free and accessible system.

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