Trends in the Asset Management Industry

Part 3/3 - A discussion with the Founders of The Good Guys Company

The Good Guys Company founders, Christian, Charles and Oliver, discuss key asset management industry they’re seeing, plus as trends they expect and would like to see in the near future.

What this episode on the latest asset management industry trends covers

– Consolidation as a result of clients looking for an all-in-one, silver bullet provider that can speed up their time to market

– Modular solutions are proving to be more necessary but an all-in-one solution doesn’t solve all of a firm’s data problems

– More and more asset managers are asking how to prepare for crypto

– The importance of getting data architecture right and developing a data strategy that makes sense

– Increasing interest to tap into more pockets of alpha, which is putting pressure, on data, operations, portfolio construction, compliance, reporting etc.

– The increasing trend of outsourcing operations will force asset managers to differentiate themselves on the front side and in how they invest and generate alpha

– AI/ML is a trend we should be seeing more of but these have proven to be a lot more expensive and cumbersome than expected

Key takeaway/s from the second of our podcast episodes with The Good Guys Company

"People forget that they have to get the basics right before doing the next big thing. For example with data, which is always a hot topic, nobody has a data strategy that actually makes sense, so make sure that the data you get is right before you get to analytics and things like AI and blockchain."

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