How Limina Can Help Investment Managers Improve Governance

Investment governance encompasses two critical aspects: data and processes. It all starts with reliable, accessible data. Without a complete and accurate view of your investment data, oversight becomes challenging. Limina offers robust capabilities to ensure you have a single source of truth to base your investment decisions upon.

In this article, we will explore the foundations that enable Limina to help investment managers improve governance. We'll delve into Limina's IBOR Solution and data management capabilities. These capabilities form the foundation for accurate and trustworthy investment oversight. Additionally, we'll highlight the features designed to provide increased oversight, including actionable visualisations and dashboard views.

As investment managers turned vendors, we find that we make claims about what we can help prospective clients achieve. However, we can back all these claims up. We’re also completely transparent with when we believe our solution is a great fit and when we believe it’s not.

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What is Investment Governance?

Investment governance encompasses the processes and data management required to ensure oversight and control throughout the investment lifecycle. It involves both the accuracy and reliability of investment data and the adherence to well-defined processes. To establish effective governance, investment managers must-have tools that ensure comprehensive and trustworthy investment data.

Foundations that Enable Limina to Help Investment Managers Improve Governance

Investment Book of Record

At Limina, we have developed foundational capabilities that position us as the ideal partner to support fund managers increase oversight. One of our key offerings is the Cash and Position Management Software, which relies on a 3rd generation IBOR. Serving as a single source of truth, our IBOR solution empowers investment managers with any view of their positions and cash.

Generation 3 IBOR

By consolidating and standardising data from various sources, we ensure portfolio data accuracy and integrity. This provides a reliable foundation for investment oversight.

Once in place, complete investment data is leveraged for:

  • Investment decision making
  • Operational workflows
  • Ensure continuous compliance

If want to learn more about what an IBOR is, we’ve created the ultimate guide to Investment Book of Record. It’s an unbiased guide and not a pitch for Limina’s IBOR.

Investment Data Management

Secondly, Limina's investment data management capabilities play a vital role in enhancing governance. Our investment data management solution enables investment managers to:

  • Efficiently handle large volumes of data
  • Automate data validation processes
  • Ensure data consistency

With streamlined data management workflows and a centralised data repository, investment managers can trust the quality and reliability of their data. This is a crucial element in achieving effective operational risk management.

Enterprise Software-as-a-Service

Finally, as an Enterprise SaaS Order Management and Middle Office system, Limina is designed specifically for mid- and large-size asset managers. Enterprise SaaS is a cloud solution, that is built to support the investment governance needs of an established investment manager. This include for example ensuring your investment data is technically isolated from other clients, something standard cloud-solutions don’t offer.

“The core idea behind enterprise SaaS is to get the best of two worlds – a perfect balance between standardisation and flexibility.” Kristoffer Fürst, CEO Limina

Limina equips investment managers establish a strong foundation for improved governance by leveraging:

  • The combined power of IBOR
  • Our data management capabilities
  • Enterprise SaaS technology

Features that Enable Increased Oversight

To improve governance as an investment manager, it's crucial to have access to all the required data and a way to transform it into actionable insights. To this end, our platform is designed to go beyond presenting raw data in table format. We offer visualisations and dashboard views that give you a comprehensive overview of both data and processes.

Examples of dashboard use cases include high-level summaries of data quality issues, trade matching statuses, and compliance statuses per fund. These visual representations allow you to quickly identify any areas that require attention. With that, you can make informed decisions based on the insights provided.

By having these critical dashboards and visualisations readily available, you can continuously monitor and assess your investment portfolio. Most importantly, with the foundations explained the previous section, you can know the data is correct.

Audit and Permissions are the Final Keys to Improved Governance

Furthermore, we understand that a governance framework is not just about data, but also about control and accountability. To address this, our platform incorporates robust audit and permission functionalities.

You can set granular permissions to control access to sensitive information, ensuring that only authorised individuals can view or modify data. This goes down to a level of investment strategies. Detailed audit trails are also available, enabling you to track changes, see who made them, and when they occurred.

Furthermore, our platform supports 4-eye approval workflows, enabling you to incorporate an additional layer of control for processes, such as order workflows. This feature ensures that any changes or decisions made are subject to review by multiple individuals. The purpose is to reduce the risk of human errors and protect against unauthorised actions.


In the below video our Chief Product Officer Joakim Saltin and Product Manager Philippe Ramkvist-Henry describe Limina’s capabilities that help asset managers improve investment oversight.

In today's investment landscape, investment managers face increasing demands for strong governance and oversight. It’s ultimate about proving to your investment committee and other stakeholders that good governance is achieved.

Limina is committed to supporting investment managers in meeting these challenges by providing advanced technology solutions tailored to their needs. Our Investment Book of Record and Investment data management capabilities establish Limina as a complete, accurate and timely source of truth for investment data. Our visualisations and dashboards offer actionable insights and transparency.

Data quality

By leveraging our platform's audit and permissions features, investment managers can strengthen their governance practices and gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to see first-hand how Limina can help you improve governance and elevate your investment operations.

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