Atle: Enhance Oversight for Internal and External Managers

Atle case study | Limina IMS

"Limina helps us reduce operational risks"
- Sofia Beckman, CEO


Atle is an active investment management company owner, part of Bure Equity group. Atle holds equity investments in active managers, both traditional and alternative. Under the Atle umbrella, Bure is building a portfolio of the Nordic regions’ leading independent fund managers.

When selecting the system to underpin their expansion to more and more managers, the following preconditions were set:

  • A reliable and robust system - to minimise operational risk
  • A solution with strong compliance and oversight - for both internal and external portfolio managers

Additionally, Atle adds:

We wanted a partner to grow with us and focus on digitalisation as much as we do. Before going into the procurement, some of our other prerequisites were integration with our back office, an open infrastructure, and a cloud-based solution.

Sofia Beckman

Chief Executive Officer

The Outcome for Operations

Atle’s setup with Limina covers multiple of their investment managers, such as Humle and HealthInvest. The setup is extremely operationally efficient because Limina has been implemented with a high degree of automation. 

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The Outcome for Front Office

From a portfolio management perspective, Limina has enabled Atle to digitalise the whole trade workflow from simulation to placing trades, to compliance and post-trade management, saving them much time. Petter, one the portfolio managers, explains: 

It’s such a modern portfolio management system – not only because it’s cloud-based, but the entire process flow and information I get is complete and up to date. It’s simple to use, flexible to work with, and it minimises the time for the entire trade workflow.

Petter Löfqvist

Portfolio Manager

 Listen to the full interview with Sofia and Petter: