How Limina Helps Asset Managers
Generate Operational Alpha

What would it do to your competitiveness and bottom line if all your portfolios suddenly performed 2-10 bps better?

With Limina’s Investment Management System, you can reduce your cash buffer and systematically increase your performance.

The Pain of Cash Drag

Limina’s surveys of asset managers show that Investment Managers keep a 0.5-2% cash buffer. The range is generally consistent across AuM levels and asset classes. It depends mainly on the systems used.

Cash Buffer
What if you could invest more cash with the right system?
If that cash is invested at a 10% annual return, it will contribute to increased performance.


Tools to Deploy More Cash

By getting a clear picture of cash and exposure both today and into the future, your portfolio managers can keep a lower cash buffer.

With Limina, your investment team gets access to complete, accurate and real-time forward-looking cash and exposure ladders.


Key considerations to increase operational alpha:

  • Minimise cash buffer
  • Settlement days (T+1, T+2, etc)
  • Protect against overdraft

Features That Enable Lower Cash Drag

circle-1 (4) Forward-looking cash & exposure simulation as part of order-raising

circle-2 (1) Real-time, complete cash and position data (no FX or cash missing)

circle-3 (1) Trustable data, thanks to automatic data quality controls

Calculate for Yourself

Limina has helped asset managers increase performance by 2-10 bps by reducing cash buffers. Calculate for yourself what returns you might be leaving on the table with our cash drag calculator:

Annual management fee increase after years

Yearly added return:%
AuM in years without Limina: M USD
AuM in years with Limina: M USD
AuM increase with Limina: M USD

Assets under Management today: B USD

Annual expected return: %

Average management fee: %

Years using Limina: years

Additional cash invested with Limina IBOR: bps (%), e.g. from % to 99.7%

Are You Leaving Performance on the Table?

Mission-critical Features for Performance Optimisation 

Cash and exposure ladders arrive in a wide range of user-friendly options, to ensure everyone in your team sees the portfolio from the appropriate lens:

Lifecycle states:
Including or excluding open orders
What economics of the orders should be included; Full order, only filled portion, or only allocated portion
Include or exclude preliminary inflows & outflows
Projected dividends and coupons
Screenshot cash ladder close up lowres2

Let's Talk About How We Can Help You Generate Operational Alpha


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