How Limina Enables More Informed Decisions in the Front Office

3 out of 4 Asset Managers Don't trust their portfolio data


3 out of 4 Asset Managers don’t trust their portfolio data.

Challenges for Asset Managers
69% lack data controls
69% of Asset Managers lack automated data controls
56% Import / export of data is incomplete or unreliable
Import / export of data is incomplete or unreliable
38% Suffer from data entry mistakes
More than 1/3 of managers suffer from data entry mistakes

Example: Front Office users are not automatically notified when routines are delayed

Example: trade date cash is unreliable when loading cash in the morning from custodian

Example: Corporate action booked manually on ex-date by the Operations team, with a timing not always clear for the Front Office

How Limina Helps You Achieve Trusted Portfolio Data

Complete Portfolio Data

All data represented, including:

  • Orders
  • Fees
  • Corporate actions
  • Accruals
  • FX-hedging (even if outsourced)
  • Subscriptions/Redemptions
... and more! All intuitively available in your portfolio views, achieving complete clarity without noise!

Real-time Cash & Exposures

Real-time cash and exposure ladders.

Both trade and settle date perspectives are available at the flick of a button.

Cash and accruals are imported or reconciled as soon as available.

Validated Portfolio Data 

Data validation rules ensure any anomalies are surfaced to your operations team instantly, such as:

  • Market prices
  • Corporate actions
  • Instrument classifications (incl. custom)
  • Unexpected fill prices
  • Cash import delays

... and lots more!


Control what you see

Select what data is included in the view:

  • Lifecycle state: Including or excluding open orders, and what economics of the orders should be included – complete order, only filled portion, or only allocated portion
  • Projections: Include or exclude preliminary inflows & outflows, projected dividends and coupons
  • Trade or settle date: should orders and transactions be reflected on trade date or settlement date

With these capabilities and world-class portfolio data quality, your portfolio managers have the data they need to make the best investment decisions!

Generation 3 IBOR

“The entire investment process flow is very modern, and the information I get is up to date”

Petter Löfqvist, Portfolio Manager

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