How Limina Helps Asset Managers
Enhance Investment Process Oversight

Automate processes & Enhance integrations with Limina

55 percent

55% of Asset Managers suffer from manual mistakes

3 out of 4 - Red with padding

3/4 Asset Managers don't have automatic data validations

55 percent

Unstable or partial connectivity to service providers hold 55% of Asset Managers back

Catch Issues Early

  • Leverage configurable data validation rules to check price anomalies, instrument parameters and more. This catches issues already at data entry.
  • Work with data on T, performing data transmissions in real-time and reconciliation as early as possible. This catches issues at T (instead of T+1), leaving more time to resolve them.
Are you forced into manual workarounds by your vendor? Do you end up with manual reconciliations, adjusting fees, cash and accruals, making up for incomplete connections to third parties.. Discover if it's time to upgrade your Investment Software!

Process Automation

Limina can help you automate:

  • Reconciliations
  • Instrument setup & maintenance
  • Corporate actions import
  • Cash & accrual calculations
  • Send/receive and parse files

The risk of manual mistakes is eliminated for each process performed by Limina IMS instead of manually by your operations team.

Achieve complete integrations to service providers for all data: Cash, high-touch OTC trades, FX, and more. Read more about our connectivity tool.

Feature Highlight: 4-eye Approvals

4-eye approval radically reduces the risk of manual mistakes. With Limina IMS, you can add peer approval in most data setup and changes.

Enhance integrations

Connect your ecosystem of:
Service providers
In-house tools
and more...
Effortlessly load:
Cash data
Analytics data
and more...
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Sofia Beckman

“Limina helps us reduce operational risk”

Sofia Beckman, CEO, Atle Investment Services 

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