How Limina Help Clients Modernise Their Systems

Limina has helped numerous Asset Managers modernise their systems over the past few years.


Hosted or on-premise infrastructure

  • Not best-practice from a cyber security perspective
  • Systems not accessible from airports, trains, etc.
  • Manual, slow and expensive upgrades
hosted or on-premise

Vendor is developing their solution slowly, affecting your ability to:

  • Launch new strategies
  • Change operating model
  • Increase operational efficiency

What Limina Enables For You

Move to the Cloud

Limina is built on cloud-native technology. The solution is designed for and has always operated in a cloud environment, with all the benefits of cost savings and stability that come with it.

Upgrades are frequent and managed while at the same time adapted to institutional governance requirements if needed.

Access from Anywhere

Your team can log in from your laptop, touchpad or mobile, wherever you are in the world - Secure with 2FA or SSO.

Access from anywhere
Replace Legacy Technology
With Limina, you adopt a new platform with:
A microservices architecture
No technical debt
No/minimal loading times
Future-proof your Systems
The best way to future-proof your business is a solution that is:
Built for enterprise use cases
Engineered for change
Designed with ease of connectivity in mind

Genesis upgraded to Limina and achieved:

  • Lower IT costs
  • Simpler BCP processes
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Let's Talk About How We Can Help You Modernise Your Systems


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