How Limina Helps Asset Managers
Move off Spreadsheets and In-House Systems


As your asset management business grows and matures,

Excel and in-house systems are no longer adequate.

100%Limina IMS replaces up to 100% of in-house code and spreadsheets, both in Front Office and Operations

Issues with Spreadsheets and In-house systems for Asset Managers include:

Errors and No Audit

90 percent

  • Studies have shown that 90% of spreadsheets contain errors
  • Spreadsheets add compliance concerns, due to lack of audit

Requires Internal Developement

Spreadsheets require internal development resource

  • Spreadsheets are usually built by one person, creating key person risk
  • The spreadsheets often need to be rebuilt as the business evolves

Not Scalable

scalable - Red

  • In-house systems require costly internal dev teams to maintain and adapt
  • These in-house systems contribute minimally to performance

Features That Enable Less Excel and In-House Systems

Intuitive &

Intuitive, easy-to-use solution that Front Office users actually like using - even more than Excel!

Others have already upgraded from Excel and In-house systems   - To an institutional grade system, with flexibility intact

Same flexibility
as Excel

Ability to enrich portfolio views with external data and classifications and use for pivot views

Scalable, Automated Processes

With automation and built-in data quality controls, your team can do more with less.

Find out more about Operational Efficiency.


Reduce spreadsheet-maintenance

98% of Asset Managers struggle with key person risk.

With less time spent on internal development and managing spreadsheets, you reduce key person risk and enhance the bottom line.



NLB wanted to introduce a tool to support future complexity in an environment of high growth, both domestically and internationally

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