How Limina Helps Asset Managers Reduce System Costs


70 percent - red

70% of Asset Managers are concerned with their current system costs

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The annual licence can be as little as 1/3 of the total systems-related costs


80 percent - red

4 out of 5 Asset Managers struggle with the cost of integrations

Understand the Full Cost
of Your Investment Management System

Most systems today will have an annual fee for the system.

However, the yearly fee is just one component of system costs. Many other aspects will drive costs.

Limina has been specifically designed to minimise these costs.


It’s essential to understand all potential costs to be able to:

  • Budget accurately based on the actual cost of a system
  • Compare the total cost of different systems
  • Get a clear understanding of what your cost will look like in the future as your business evolves

At Limina, we believe in transparency:
You can find price examples on our website.

Example cost with Limina IMS means you can save up to 60%
Overpaying for your Investment Systems?

Example ways in which Limina helps you reduce cost

Increase Operational Efficiency

Limina's system can help your team become more efficient.


We can help you save up to 4 hours per day per person


Read more about how we help your time save time.

Reduce Upgrade Overhead

Upgrade projects traditionally involve testing of functionality as well as integrations. With Limina, this burden is wholly removed (we handle it).


Explore how upgrades work with Limina.

Simplify Integrations 

According to a study we conducted among Investment Managers, 80% need help with the cost and maintenance of integrations. Limina’s import/export application lets you quickly set up any integration, and once set up, the integration auto-tests itself.

Find out more about our import / export.

Annual cost for other systems:

$370k to $1m and beyond

Annual cost for Limina:

Typically $79k to $500k.

Let's Talk About How We Can Help You Reduce System Costs


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