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BlackRock Aladdin vs SimCorp

A Functional Comparison of Blackrock Aladdin vs SimCorp Dimension

Two of the leading front-to-back office platforms for investment managers are BlackRock’s Aladdin and SimCorp Dimension (rebranded to SimCorp One). But how do these platforms stack up against each other, and which is best for your organisation’s unique needs?

This comprehensive comparison of BlackRock Aladdin vs SimCorp will provide valuable insights to make an informed decision. We’ll explore user feedback. First, let's look at both platform’s features and capabilities (also adding Limina as a bonus).

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Note: Vendor information publicly available as of 13th June, 2024 is the only source of information for writing this article. Sources include company websites, review sites (G2, Gartner, TrustRadius and Capterra) and industry publications.

Blackrock Aladdin vs SimCorp Dimension

Non-functional considerations

It's not just features that matter when you're considering an institutional Investment Management System. Other considerations include:

  • 01 Connectivity
  • 02 Automation
  • 03 Market segments
  • 04 User feedback
  • 05 Implementation

Integrations with Other Systems and Service Providers

Integration with custodians, service providers, data sources, etc., is an essential component when implementing an investment management system.

When comparing integration capabilities between SimCorp Dimension vs Blackrock Aladdin, it appears both have extensive capabilities. Options include building yourself via code and managed connectivity when the vendor takes responsibility for creating and maintaining an integration.

Nowadays, there is a third type of connectivity which makes integrations faster to build, cheaper to maintain and more stable than ever before.

Automation Capabilities

Both Aladdin and SimCorp Dimension have functionality that enables straight-through processing and workflow automation. It’s not clear from online sources how well these functions are working.

At Limina, we measure users’ time performing workflows in the system. It might sound counterintuitive that we then try to minimise this amount. The more efficient workflow we enable, the less time users spend on the platform. We look at trying to keep time spent per person, per role, per fund and per trade to a minimum.


Client Demographics

Both Blackrock Aladdin and SimCorp service similar market segments:

The firms also list wealth managers and central banks as target clients on their respective websites. SimCorp lists hedge fund managers as a segment as well.

Client Experiences & Testimonials

When evaluating investment management platforms, user experiences provide valuable insights into real-world satisfaction. Decisions to use a system can be driven by priorities such as operational controls and reporting, rather than end-user considerations. Therefore, just because a platform is widely used doesn’t mean it’s superior for operational efficiency. Let’s look at what users have said online.

Clients of BlackRock Aladdin praise its comprehensive risk analytics and portfolio management capabilities. Users appreciate Aladdin’s intuitive interface and customisation options.

SimCorp Dimension users highlight its integrated front-to-back functionality, enabling seamless data flow across departments.

Implementation Timeline and Requirements

Implementing either platform requires careful planning and resources. Neither is known for fast implementations.

Both platforms offer comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth transition and maximum value realisation.

More details on

Blackrock Aladdin vs SimCorp Dimension

Together, these two platforms have a combined market share of approximately half of the invested capital in the world. They both serve the largest investment managers, meaning the market share measured per cent of investment managers is comparably small.

The choice between BlackRock Aladdin and SimCorp Dimension ultimately depends on your unique priorities. Review both in detail, check references (direct and indirect) and compare with vendors that are fast emerging as challengers.

  • 01 SimCorp
  • 02 Aladdin

Overview of SimCorp

SimCorp Dimension (SCD) is a front-to-back office system. Originating from Scandinavia with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, SimCorp has a strong presence in Ukraine, Australia, Germany, and Great Britain.


Founded in 1971, SimCorp has evolved into a global company serving clients across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. In 2023, Deutsche Börse acquired SimCorp and made Axioma (a Deutsche Börse company since 2019) a part of SimCorp. Together, the solutions are now called SimCorp One.

Total assets managed by SimCorp clients is $35 trillion as of 2023.

Overview of BlackRock Aladdin

BlackRock’s Aladdin (Asset, Liability, Debt and Derivative Investment Network) is a comprehensive investment management platform. Launched in 1988, it has evolved into a backbone for the investment industry. As of 2020, over $20 trillion in assets were managed on the platform (this is likely to be much higher now). The number of portfolios managed with the technology exceeds 30,000!


Aladdin began as a workstation in 1988, designed to analyse mortgage portfolios. It has since grown into a broad platform supporting analytics, trading, compliance, and more. Asset classes include most traditional listed and OTC. With the acquisition of eFront in 2019, Aladdin expanded its asset class coverage into alternatives.

Why not add a 3rd option?

Limina as an alternative

As former investment managers, the team at Limina IMS understands the challenges of comparison systems. While we offer powerful investment management software, we believe in providing unbiased information. Consequently, we've created two articles that transparently list when Limina is a great fit and when we might not be the best choice.
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