Learnings When Moving from Asset Manager to Consultant

Part 2/3 - A discussion with the Founders of The Good Guys Company

The Good Guys Company founders, Christian, Charles and Oliver, discuss how being a wholly independent consultancy firm is a key differentiator for them and how they apply their prior buy-side knowledge to clients’ problems.

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What this second episode with The Good Guys Company from our Asset Manager Interview Series covers

– With buy-side firms, the independence of a consultant isn’t a consideration until later on in the relationship, usually at the due diligence point in the process

– They have no problem acquiring information because of their previous client-side experience

– They don’t sell a product because it’s their favourite or because it’s the only one they know

– it really is about finding the best solution for their clients, so they often help solution vendors “shape” the product to meet their clients’ needs

Key takeaway/s from our discussion on buy-side consulting

"One of the main reasons why we have no problem acquiring information is because vendors and the client side trust us for being independent, so it is our credo to stay independent… It’s really our mission and aim to find the best solution for the client"

Visit Charles, Christian and Oliver profiles and The Good Guys Company website or book a demo with us, to see how we can help your business.

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