Investment Management Operations [current state and future outlook]

A discussion with Carl-Fredrik Svensson, CEO/Founder of Daymi

Carl-Fredrik Svensson of Daymi discusses success metrics for investment management operations with Limina’s Kristoffer Fürst. He outlines why firms should shift their focus towards the positive impact process optimisation by Operations teams is having on business outcomes.

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What this episode on investment management operations metrics from our Asset Manager Interview Series covers

– Why it’s important for operations problems to be solved by the people doing operations

– Looking at operations through a different lens

– at positive impact delivered rather than issues fixed/solved

– How to measure success of investment management Operations teams

– How automation is driving investment management process optimisation

– Why many software tools like Daymi and Limina are created in response to the need for a solution that’s not available in the market

– Daymi’s keys to success

Key takeaway/s from our investment management operations podcast with Daymi

"Many Operations teams are seen as providing stepping stones. But firms are starting to appreciate these teams more and give them budgets to do good things. The traditional way to measure is around the rate of errors. This is a good measure, as these can lead to bigger issues, including fines, etc. However, you also need to focus on the positive elements. What are you doing right?"

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