Digital Issuance [what is it & what would it enable]

A discussion with Dr. Ian Hunt, independent consultant and industry thought leader

Dr. Ian Hunt discusses digital issuance and how a tokenisation investment transaction model has the potential to change the industry dramatically with Limina’s Kristoffer Fürst and Joakim Saltin.

What this episode on digital issuance from our Asset Manager Interview Series covers

– The key benefits of tokenisation/digital issuance (such as speed, efficiency, simplification of processes, streamlining and elimination of unnecessary steps, delays and processes, democratisation, etc)

– Why it’s needed, in particular, the ever increasing complexity of processes and regulations

– How it’s working now and how it should work if fully embraced/implemented

– Current resistance to change (mainly certain intermediaries becoming obsolete)

– How it would change the investment landscape

– Perceived risks involved and barrier to this model being accepted

Key takeaway/s from our digital issuance podcast with Dr. Ian Hunt

"This is not just about digitisation for more efficiency, this is about fundamental change. And, as you’d imagine, when presenting a new model, there is resistance to change. But digital issuance is all about making investment easier, cheaper and more democratised."

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