Founding a Consultancy Company within the Asset Management Industry

Part 1/3 - A discussion with the Founders of The Good Guys Company

The Good Guys Company founders, Christian, Charles and Oliver, talk about their asset management industry backgrounds, how The Good Guys Company came about and what sets the company apart as an independent consultancy firm.

What this episode on The Good Guys Company from our Asset Manager Interview Series covers

– Being an independent consultancy has enabled them to meet new people and build interesting relationships with clients

– Their name has made introductions easier, and the fact that they are “different” for a firm operating in the finance space is an effective icebreaker

– There is an intrinsic honesty to their brand that positively influences client expectations and their relationship with clients

Key takeaway/s from our podcast with The Good Guys Company founders

"The Good Guys Company is not just a name. It’s a guiding principle, a vision and a name all in one."

Visit Charles, Christian and Oliver's profiles and The Good Guys Company website or book a demo with us, to see how we can help your business.

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