Our Journeys are Never the Same – But They Should Always be Collaborative

The initial spark of our Limina journey was lit in 2014 by a realisation that change was needed. Investment managers have been restricted for too long by ineffective and ill-fitting legacy technology. Our endeavours are driven each day by an ambition to modernise the fund management industry for the future. In recent years, more clients have become part of the story, as we increasingly look to empower firms, rather than limit them, through agile and cloud-based investment management technology solutions.

A new chapter

We have now entered a new chapter, with a USD$3 million Series A fundraising, led by our new partner, Swedish venture capital firm, Industrifonden.

With the backing of Industrifonden’s expertise, we will expand the core offering – supporting even more forward-looking asset managers to achieve their investment management goals.

A modern alternative to IMS

As more and more clients realise that there is, in fact, a modern alternative that can evolve and flex as their businesses grow and requirements change, Limina is able to help more asset managers. The digital-first, ‘always on’ nature of society calls for technology that matches these characteristics. By blending the benefits of a traditional SaaS model with the flexibility and configurability of an enterprise IMS, we will continue to offer improved investment workflows for our clients through our cloud-based investment management technology solutions.

Industrifonden say they pride themselves “on supporting radically innovative companies, and Limina firmly fits this mould.” We could not be prouder of being labelled a trailblazer. It is a testament to our team which innovates and supports our clients every single day. Even the most transformative technology would be nothing without the people behind it.

Future-proof, cloud-based investment management technology solutions

Since onboarding our first client six years ago, Limina has been partnering with asset managers to help asset managers adopt transformative, future-proof technology. It is these robust and trust partnerships and relationships that drive our own innovation as a provider, ensuring that our service remains high-quality and best-of-breed for the industry and that we remain ahead of the curve.

Although the cloud-based investment management technology solution is engineered and serviced by Limina, the journey to implementation is never the same. It is, however, always collaborative.

With new investment comes new beginnings. Yet we will also have our trusted existing investors embarking on this journey with us. Together, we will be able to continue to drive positive change for current and future clients across the investment landscape.

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