Why Limina’s Advanced Investment Management System Was Born

Limina was founded by investment management professionals who saw an opportunity to help asset managers not just cope with change, but to embrace it. As former investment management professionals ourselves, we understand the frustration of not being able to truly trust your investment management system. As a result, Limina’s advanced investment management system was born.

Below we tell the story of why Limina was founded and how our platform is different from other investment management solutions on the market.

Co-founder and CEO Kristoffer Fürst describes why the investment management system and IBOR Limina was born

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Kristoffer Fürst on why Limina’s advanced investment management system was born

The year was 2014 in London. The summer was coming to an end and I glanced out over Harrods from my desk opposite the street from the iconic department store.

As for most days, I was working to hold our systems together (sometimes literally) to make sure data was being sent and received without failure and checking that numbers were correct. Instead of relying on systems to control data going in and out, I had to write scripts combined with manual spot checks.

We still had issues I couldn’t solve - like timeliness. Even in those days, where we could trust the data, our portfolio managers were behind the markets due to all those batch processes.

Walking home late in the mist - when there were almost no cars left on the street - I thought to myself: Why are there so many fires... all the time? I'm sure you’ve asked yourself this question many times as well.

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Address the key challenges facing asset managers

So, as a leap of faith, the idea for Limina's Investment Management System, our advanced order management system, was born. It was born out of frustration, but set out to solve problems that have plagued the investment management industry for years.

Having been clients ourselves, we have first-hand experience of the challenges impacting asset managers. A concrete example was a production issue in a system we were using. There was no phone number to support us, so I logged a ticket of highest severity, which meant a maximum 4 hours response time. A day later, I received a response saying that the issue had been re-classified with a lower priority. My production problem remained unsolved.

Limina’s vision is to be a partner, not a vendor, working alongside our clients every day to ensure they can focus on investment returns and business development, with minimal operational risk.

How Limina’s advanced investment management system can help your firm

So, there we have it. That’s how Limina’s advanced investment management system was born. It all came from a need to solve key challenges that have plagued the investment management industry for years. With Limina, you can rely on our system to provide you with accurate data, when you need it, ensuring you never have to worry about trusting your data again.

If you’d like to learn more about how Limina's solution, listen to our video on when Limina IMS is a good choice.

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