Investing in the future software for asset managers [Introducing Limina’s lead investor, Industrifonden]

Industrifonden originally invested in Limina in 2021. In this video, Anna Ljungdahl, Investment Director & Head of Sustainability at Industrifonden, answers the following questions:

  • What kind of investor is Industrifonden?
  • Why did you originally invest in Limina?
  • What is the next step for Limina as a company?

Investment director Anna explains why she invests in the future Investment Management Platform and IBOR for asset managers

In this post, we will explore these three questions in further depth and what it means for you as a client or potential client of Limina.

What kind of investor is Industrifonden?

Industrifonden is an evergreen investor founded in 1979 by the Swedish government. As an evergreen investor, Industrifonden can in principle hold an investment indefinitely since they do not need to return capital to their investors. This is in opposition to close-ended funds, such as traditional venture capital and private equity funds. What this enables for a business with Industrifonden as a lead investor, such as Limina, is the ability to take on a very long-term strategy, unaffected by quarterly or yearly investor demands.

Industrifonden is a seasoned investor, with over 1000 investments conducted and usually holding around 50 active investments at a time. As a lead investor in companies, Industrifonden provides their portfolio companies with the best possible basis to become strong market leaders in their industries over the long-term.

Why did you originally invest in Limina’s software for asset managers?

Anna has a background as COO of SEB Investment Strategy. SEB had various investment strategies across asset classes and geographical regions. They were constantly battling between different systems both for trading and portfolio analytics. Essentially, they didn’t have a holistic, end-to-end workflow and were relying on a patchwork of systems that didn’t come together well. This is exactly what Limina set out to create, we wanted to deliberately design the workflows for portfolio managers and operations teams in the front office and middle office. Instead of the workflows being a result of what technical integrations were possible, they would be designed from the business point of view.

In Anna’s own words:

“The solution that Limina brings to any asset manager team is very, very smooth”

Implementing the Limina Investment Management System (IMS) and Investment Book of Records (IBOR) has the following benefits:

  1. Reduce operational risk 
  2. Focus on investment returns
  3. Overcome fragmented workflows 
  4. Increase oversight
  5. Increase trust in your portfolio data 

If you want to explore the benefits of our software for asset managers, please reach out to our team.

What is the next step for Limina as a company?

When discussing the next step for Limina, Anna divides her answer into three distinct areas:

1. Develop the Investment Management Platform 

“Limina’s next step is to keep developing the technology platform” 

Limina’s current investment into R&D is an astounding 46% of revenues. Industrifonden is one of the core reasons we are able to do this while still investing into client relations and other areas as well. Ultimately you as the client are the beneficiary of this investment.

2. Help clients get as much value as possible as quickly as possible

Having been in various roles at Asset Management firms globally ourselves, we understand that proving the return on investment in a new Investment Management System, IBOR, Portfolio Management System or Order Management System as quickly as possible is extremely important. To be as aligned as possible with you, we have set up our business model to be based on subscription fees, not professional services.

3. Identify Asset Managers looking for a true partnership

Limina was founded on the vision of being a partner, not a vendor. Having been clients ourselves we built a solution and an organisation from your perspective.

“We are looking for a partnership structure when it comes to boarding our new clients”


As former investment managers, we understand that software that fits your needs for holistic, end-to-end workflows is important to meet your business needs. In addition, our partnership approach ensures we work with you to ensure our platform empowers your business now and in the future.

If you’re curious to know more about Limina, reach out to our team for a casual meet’n’greet or explore our solutions and discover the benefits of Limina’s Investment Manager Software.

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