Centralised vs distributed operating model for asset managers

A discussion with Erik Mostenicky, VP on the Fidelity International Strategy Venture team

Erik Mostenicky tells Limina’s Kristoffer Fürst how asset managers of the future will need to differentiate themselves from incumbent providers through a tech-first approach, and a decentralised tech stack that enables a distributed operations mode

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What this episode on data-enabling operations models from our Asset Manager Interview Series covers

– To capture the market growth of the future, asset managers with diverse client profiles need to address complex tech stack challenges and deal with legacy solutions for better client delivery that will be expected in the future

– A thematic approach to the asset management industry will be seen in future, that involves the democratisation of access and asset classes

– The market is moving towards a services-led approach, and asset managers should opt for decentralised tech stacks that consist of best-of-breed solutions with data models that interact with each other. This will ultimately achieve a seamless data transfer and eliminate data reconciliation challenges

– As the industry evolves, differentiation will be about more than price for asset managers

Key takeaway/s from our asset management operations model podcast with Erik Mostenicky

"We see a future where large, more complex asset managers will be able to pick best-of-breed solutions, which have data models that interact with each other."

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