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If you are researching alternatives to Charles River Development (CRD), this post is meant to help you get fast start.

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The team at Limina, as former investment managers, understands the challenges of selecting a system. While we offer powerful investment management software, we believe in providing an unbiased overview. Consequently, we won't include ourselves in the comparison, but we encourage you to explore Limina’s solutions as a viable choice based on your unique requirements. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to confirm whether Limina is a match for you or if Limina might not be your best choice.

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Potential System Landscape

Before diving into CRD's competitors, it’s essential to realise that not all systems are equal in scope. Some competitive offerings are like-to-like, while others might be broader or narrower in functional coverage or asset class support. Below is a visualisation of the different types of investment management systems.

Buy-side system examples, from best of breed to front to back

Note: All vendor information below is based on online, publicly available information as of 2024-01-05. Sources include company websites, review sites (G2, Gartner, TrustRadius and Capterra) and industry publications.

Best Charles River Alternatives

CRD is a platform covering both front and middle-office capabilities, which means a pure front-office solution isn’t a viable alternative on its own. We start here by listing two of the most established competitors but note that they are both slightly broader in scope (Front to Back). They are listed in alphabetical order.


BlackRock Aladdin Logo

BlackRock Aladdin

BlackRock Aladdin is a comprehensive investment management platform that provides end-to-end investment management solutions. It offers advanced portfolio risk analytics, performance measurement, trading capabilities, and more.

Aladdin's sophisticated suite of tools caters to the needs of the world’s largest institutional investors, including BlackRock itself.


Access from anywhere

SimCorp Logo

SimCorp Dimension

SimCorp Dimension is a front-to-back system used by large investment management companies. The platform supports various asset classes and caters to global investment strategies. The majority of SimCorp’s client base is in EMEA.

Online reviews highlight data management capabilities. Although highly rated, the system’s complexity and steep learning curve are drawbacks mentioned by users.


Timeline of Investment Management System launches


Other Competitors to Charles River Development

Here, we list three vendors that partially compete with CRD but offer a slightly narrower solution focused on the front office. Again, they’re listed in alphabetical order.


Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM)

Bloomberg is a trusted name in the financial industry, and their Trade Order Management System (OMS) Asset and Investment Manager (“Bloomberg AIM”) covers part of an Investment Management Solution scope. Bloomberg's solution suite also includes portfolio management capabilities through its product Bloomberg PORT.

Bloomberg AIM comes with extensive market data coverage included through the Bloomberg terminal, which all users must have.



S&P Markit Thinkfolio

Thinkfolio by S&P Markit is a software for portfolio management, modelling and order management.

Thinkfolio aims to enhance portfolio visibility and improve decision-making processes. The software started in Fixed Income but now covers multiple asset classes.

Thinkfolio was acquired by Markit in 2014, and then Markit was, in turn, acquired by S&P in 2022.





SS&C Eze

Similar to Advent, Eze offers various solutions for different parts of the investment lifecycle:
  • Eze EMS (formerly known as RealTick) for execution management capabilities
  • Eze OMS for order management capabilities, including compliance
  • Eze PMS (formerly known as Tradar) for portfolio accounting

Just like Advent, Eze has been acquired by SS&C.


At the end of the day, the right software is a balance between functionality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

Pricing can vary dramatically between CRD and its competitors. To explore Limina price examples, visit our pricing page or learn more in our cost reduction use case.


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Further reading

No solution fits all, so evaluating your options and deciding what best suits your firm's needs is crucial. We’ve done our best to list the best alternatives to Charles River above and encourage you to search broader to find a suitable shortlist of vendors for your unique business.

For the system selection process, we’ve created a guide to choosing the best investment management solution. We also have free tools that you can use when evaluating various software. Contact us today, and we’ll provide access.

How Does Limina Compare to CRD?

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