Thinkfolio - Competitors and Alternatives

There are many options when looking for an OMS or PMS. If you’ve identified S&P IHS Markit Thinkfolio as a viable solution for you, here are a few more that might also be good to consider.

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Limina IMS

At Limina, we are a team of former investment managers. We have often been through system selections and know how challenging it can be. We hope that this list can be of good help to you.

Limina IMS is an investment management software that is often a strong alternative to Thinkfolio, covering operations workflows as well. However, as we’re naturally biased when talking about ourselves, we will exclude Limina from the comparison. If you’d like to explore Limina, we’ve created a video about who Limina is a good match for and an article about when Limina is not the best choice.

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What Functional Areas Does a System Cover?

Thinkfolio is a specialised system, covering part of Front Office capabilities within PMS and OMS. Below illustrates potential system setups and areas that a system might cover, where Thinkfolio would be a “POMS”. Dark blue are roles Limina can play.

Buy-side system examples, from best of breed to front to back

When comparing systems, it’s essential to realise that you might not be comparing like-for-like functional coverage.


Best S&P Markit Thinkfolio Alternatives

Below are five competitors to Thinkfolio, listed in alphabetical order.

Note: Vendor information here is based on company websites, industry publications and online review sites such as G2, Gartner, TrustRadius and Capterra. Such pages have been reviewed in January 2024 as a basis for this article.


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Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM)

Bloomberg is a trusted name in the financial industry, and their Trade Order Management System (OMS) Asset and Investment Manager (“Bloomberg AIM”) covers part of an Investment Management Solution scope. Bloomberg's solution suite also includes portfolio management capabilities through its product Bloomberg PORT. 

Bloomberg AIM comes with extensive market data coverage included through the Bloomberg terminal, which users are required to have.


Timeline of Investment Management System launches


Charles-River-Logo Charles River Development (part of State Street)

Charles River Development's Investment Management Solution (IMS) is a robust platform enabling firms to optimise many investment processes. It has a broad functional set, including order and execution management and compliance monitoring.

Charles River services mostly large asset managers but also mid-sized managers. Online reviews mark it down on implementation, while the scalability and flexibility of the solution are vital points.




Enfusion's front-to-back-office software offers a unified platform primarily for hedge funds. The solution includes accounting, order management, compliance monitoring, and performance tools.

Enfusion aims to simplify complex workflows and enhance operational efficiency for hedge funds. The solution is multi-tenant, and users get weekly system updates.




SS&C Advent: APX, Moxy, Genesis

SS&C Advent has a set of solutions, for example:

  • APX for portfolio administration and CRM capabilities
  • Moxy for order management capabilities
  • Genesis for portfolio management capabilities
  • Rules Builder for pre- and post-trade compliance controls
  • Geneva for portfolio accounting

Advent’s solutions integrate to enable end-to-end workflows. 




SS&C Eze

Similar to Advent, Eze offers various solutions for different parts of the investment lifecycle:

  • Eze EMS (formerly known as RealTick) for execution management capabilities
  • Eze OMS for order management capabilities, including compliance
  • Eze PMA (formerly known as Tradar) for portfolio accounting

Just like Advent, Eze has been acquired by SS&C.


Wrap up

Most system selections will be a balancing act between functionality, usability and cost.

The costs differ more between systems than one might think, especially if indirect costs are accounted for. Learn more in our cost reduction use case. To see Limina’s pricing, visit our page with pricing examples.

To get advice on system selection, check out our articles on the topic.

How Does Limina Compare to Eze Software?

The eight most common reasons investment managers choose Limina are as follows:

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