How Upgrades of Limina IMS work

Upcoming update of the Limina IMS in:

With managed, automatic upgrades, you are sure to get access to the functionality you need to develop your business fast - while still adhering to all your governance processes.

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Managed Upgrades

Limina manages upgrades for you. This means we

  • run tests,
  • back up the previous version and
  • make the new version available to you.
This is included in the price of the system. Read more about how we help asset managers reduce system costs.

Client quote, describing their solution before Limina IMS: 

“We had to rely on external consultants to perform upgrade projects and implement new functionality. This resulted in a high total cost of ownership and slow delivery of enhancements, ultimately impairing our ability to provide the best return for our investors.”

CEO, $8bn Asset Manager

How Integrations are Quality Assured on Upgrades

75 percent - Red

75% of asset managers see improvement potential in how integrations are handled at upgrades. Traditionally, integrations are manually tested before every upgrade or not tested at all.

Limina’s configurable connectivity engine automatically creates regression tests based on the sample data used to create the project. These tests allow you to easily validate that the integrations will not be impacted by any changes in the new version or your configuration. This validation greatly reduces the effort and risk involved in upgrades, where 3rd party integrations are otherwise a main driver of complexity and risk.


Import manager - auto regression-test


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Updates That Fit Your Governance Process

Quarterly release cycle available for firms with specific governance requirements around change management

  • Limina runs an extensive suite of tests before you are given access to the UAT environment
  • You get access to the UAT environment, with the ability to conduct your tests should you wish to
  • The exact release date timing is coordinated to fit the lowest risk time window for your business
Enterprise SaaS Release Cycle

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